The Ultimate Valentines Day Guide

It’s T -2 days until Valentine’s Day and that might be stressing out a few of you last-minute planners, but that’s where I come in. Below I have a list of what to do, wear, use and give on Valentine’s Day. So sit back, relax and let me help you plan your Valentine’s Day.

What to do:

Valentine’s Day dinners to me are so overrated.  It’s really the same as any other date night except you get Valentine’s Day type menu.  So this year do something different and step out of your comfort zone!

  • Bruno and I probably made the best decision and opted out on dinner to get massages at the Burke Williams spa in Hollywood. We each had our own relaxation massage and then spent time together in co-ed conservatory.  They also have an amazing area where you can have a little alone time in the Jacuzzi, dry spa or steam room.  As always their services were so amazing and it was really the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.


What to wear:

Getting all dressed up and glam for a night out is really fun. But for those of us that want to have a more low-key night, especially after your massage at Burke Williams, there’s nothing better than spending the night in loungewear.

  • For me my go to loungewear brand is definitely Naked Princess. They have a wide variety of comfy loungewear and sexy lingerie, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can start the night out in your sexy little number and then finish lounging around in a comfy pant and button up set.


What to use:

This post is sponsored by on behalf Simply Summer’s Eve®

Alright now I need to talk about something that most people don’t really think about on Valentine’s Day and that’s how to stay confident and fresh.  Feeling your best on this very romantic and intimate day is something that is very important.  Surveys have found that 62% of women view getting intimate as a priority on Valentine’s Day.  Also, women tend to engaging in beauty routines with having feminine care in the top 5.

  • With all of these different stats and knowing I am among those women I plan on staying confident and fresh with Summer’s Eve.  With their lineup of feminine Washes and Cleansing Cloths that are made with simple ingredients there are so many different options for me to choose from.  They also have their new Simply Summer’s Eve collection which includes a brand-new Gentle Foaming Wash and convenient Cleansing Cloths that have quickly become my new favorites.

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What to give:

What do you normally give someone on Valentine’s Day…. flowers, chocolates? The reality is that flowers die and chocolates are just messy. So what should you give your Galentine or what list do you want to give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day?!

  • I think beauty products are the new go to item for gift-giving on Valentine’s Day and really any day. Everyone loves a good beauty product from an EOS lip balm to Givenchy loose powder. Not feeling that idea? Then there is also the option to give a pink silk pillow case from The Hollywood Silk Solution or gummy’s from Sugarfina.  

So there you have it, the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide.  But if you still need more help on this special day please shoot me a comment below and I’ll be sure to give you my advice.


  1. February 13, 2018 / 4:26 am

    I totally agree that Valentine’s Day dinners are overrated. My husband and I are like pizza?? Hope you loved your relaxing massage!


  2. Tonya
    February 14, 2018 / 1:33 pm

    Oh yeah!! Getting a massage instead of dinner in a crowded restaurant is a MUCH better choice! I will have to put that on my list of places to visit! Looks awesome in there!

  3. February 15, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    Love this post and the tips on prepping so that you are the finest self for your special date night. P.S. love the photography!

  4. February 17, 2018 / 5:47 pm

    I love the how you went to the spa together – ultimate pampering. It’s great when we drop expectations and do something out of the ordinary. Its wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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