My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Happy Place

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“Because I’m happy Lala Lala Lala”. If you can’t tell from my little jingle I had such an amazing time at Happy Place. It was filled with so many great rooms and awesome photo opportunities that I couldn’t have enough. From the moment I walked in and got to see a cute little video all the way to the end when I got to sip on lemonade I had a smile from cheek to cheek.

Going through Happy Place I loved everything but I would have to say there were definitely some highlights.  For me my top three rooms were the XO room, the confetti dome and The rubber ducky room.  Because those were my favorite rooms I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks about each one.

For the XO room be sure to not get people in the reflection of the mirror. This may seem like a no-brainer but it has a small trim around the outside of the X and the O and I totally forgot that there were people in the background. Also be sure to sit on the couch and take a photo through the O.

When you’re about to get in the confetti dome be sure to have your phone ready for video or camera because you have a limited amount of time inside. Also to get the full affect of the confetti everywhere pick some up and kick some around so the air can get the confetti moving.

For the rubber ducky room you must sit in the tub and take a photo. However don’t sit all the way down in the tub because it’s really deep and then you won’t get those cute photos. Also I would grab a little ducky from the wall as a fun prop.

Then I have one really important tip for you….. don’t forget to take it all of in.  There’s so much to see and do that I almost forget to just step back and really enjoy all of this happy art!   So after reading all of this you better put on your happy face and get your booty down to Happy Place.

**Tickets available through the first week of January**


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